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1A Umzüge GmbH is your reliable partner for:

For your upcoming move in Switzerland or Europe it is our pleasure to prepare personal moving
services for you within the framework of a free on-site inspection.
Our moving company organizes everything in regards to your move.
This encompasses parking reservations, help with packing and unpacking, the dismantling and
assembly of your furniture as well as cleaning with submission guaranty.
This means that you can sit back and relax.

Our slogan:

We live for you.

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The first address for your move into a new home or office.

Our prime concern is customer satisfaction.

Our staff are experts on moves and passionately work with the biggest circumspection and dedication in order to reach the best results for our clients.

Resulting from our many years of experience we have developed comprehensive moving- and service offerings.


Final cleaning apartment

In order to clean our clients’ facilities to their entire satisfaction we draw on our many years of experience and knowledge.
We are cleaning your old house or offices with a guaranteed purchase. We are moreover more than happy to take over the delivery of the cleaning.
This gives you the time you need to look after your new facility. With us, the cleaning is affordable, of high quality and guaranteed purchase.
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An unrivalled disposal service.

According to your wishes we clear up and dispose the furnishing of either flats, houses, office or store throughout Switzerland.
We are also pleased to take care of individual objects that you do not want to deal with yourself.
We work efficiently without ever losing respect or diligence.


You want to store your furniture. And we have the space you need.

No matter if short- or long-term; your furniture, documents and other things are always safe and dry in our furniture warehouse and preserved under the best conditions.
You decide for how long you want your furniture to be stored.
We offer various services in terms of the storage of your furniture. You can instruct us to dismantle, assemble or transport the furniture.
At the end of the storage we can also take care of the transport and reconstruction of your furniture.
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